500,000 plus Pin Collection for Sale!

Limited Time Offer!

The family of Ron Chambers, CIPC member who passed last year, are selling his entire collection of 500,000 plus pins.  The majority of these pins have been sorted into categories and are on cards.   The pins are available for purchase by card, category, plastic tote (totes contain sorted pins by category), or the entire collection.  Due to the massive number of pins, requests for individual pins are not able to be processed.   

Please contact Lorrie Chambers by email at: ljc8404@gmail.com or by telephone at 403-458-2971.  

The time limit for this opportunity is Monday, May 9th, 2022 only.  



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We have a number of great events planned for 2022!!!
We are always looking for your input and new ideas on various events that we can set up a table or two.  
These include, trade shows, tournaments, special events, partner clubs and associations, etc.  
If you know of any opportunities, please let us know and we will look at getting them on the 2022 Agenda!!!
Thank you all!!!
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