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Collectors Corner

Collectors Corner is a place for pin collectors to connect. Periodically the CIPC receives email to the website from pin collectors looking to connect with other collectors. This page will contain postings sent to the pin club by collectors. The post will contain general information and only email addresses will be posted. If you are interested you should contact the collector directly. The CIPC will not be responsible for trading that goes on between users of this site. You are encouraged to read and follow pin trading etiquette found in the artical posted on the Pin Trading Etiquette page of this website.

If you are interested in having a post on this page please use the Contact Us menu on this website to send informatiion to the webmaster. If over time you would like your post deleted please use the Contact Us menu to send information to the web master.


Ken Jeffrey (January 2016)

I'm helping a friend in Whitehorse sell her late husband's pin collection. A picture is included below. Many of the pins are hockey and Russian related. You can contact me at my email address


Jacques Henri Gatineau (December 2015)

I have a Spruce Meadows pin collection collected over many years. It is not exhaustive, however it is up to date right up to 2015. The collection is up for sale. There are 171 pins in the collection, many of which are nearly impossible to obtain, at least according to the adminstrative people at Spruce Meadows. It is a unique collection. Due to health reasons I am forced to sell this collection.

I also have other collections for sale which include Canada Post, Christmas, Ports Canada, Maple Leafs, Flags of the World, First Nations and my special Royal Canadian Legion collection comprised of hundreds of pins of Legions many of which are in Alberta.

Photos of the collections are available on request. You can contact me by sending me an email at 


Pavel Tregubenko (April 2015)

I am a beginning Olympic NOC pin collector. I know that it is unreasonable to collect all pins, so my first goal is to collect one pin of all NOCs (205). So far I have colected pins for 28 countries. I have some NOC pins for trading (UAE, South Africa, Finland, Germany, and some doubles from various Sports Federations. Maybe you have some NOC pins for trading. If you are interested you can contact me at